Kinds of Search Results

There are two kinds of search results organic and paid results. Both of them come under a single search query given into Google or any other search engine. Google is one of the best leading search engines amongst many local and global search engines. So we start explaining with Google paid and organic search results.

Organic Search Results

Most of you better knows what Google Organic Search Results is, but many don’t know how to check them properly. Organic search results also known as Natural results. Natural or Organic results are what made Google renowned. Organic results are the top pages originate for the words searchers pierced in Google or in any search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on organic search results. And only a Edmonton Search Engine Optimization expert is one who can bring your website pages on to the top search results. When people refer to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they are talking about how you get your site’s pages to be revealed in organic search results.

It is to observe that normally searchers click organic results more than 70 percent of the total time they displayed. Finding tells that most of the searchers trust organic results, this is why organic search must be a part of your search marketing program. As far as organic results of a website are concerned, it will take hardly 3 to 6 months to attain top 10 results for the targeted keywords in Google. But it is only when, a website is meeting to the best optimization techniques referred by Google. Otherwise bad optimization and wrong marketing approach will take your web site far from the Google organic results. Lets talk about Paid search results.

Paid Search Results

Paid search results can be defined as a website’s pages have been catalogued by the search sites, so that they can be revisited or come back when they closely match an organic search.

Normally this term refers to a range of income producing activities by search sites. Paid placement let a website to pay to have its page publicized in reaction to a meticulous search word entered; despite of how closely the page matches what the searcher entered. Paid placement is the way to attract more people to a website by giving a few dollars to the search sites. You can even run your first paid campaign from only 5-10 dollars per day. We will talk about later how to purchase the right keywords for your first paid placement of a marketing campaign. In other words, paid search programs are quick fix to attracting searchers to your Web site, and search marketers are responding. The paid search market hit $4.9 billion in 2006 and is expected to nearly double to 9.00 billion by 2010. Apart from that there are more forms of paid search such as paid listings or directories.

A great example of paid listing is Yahoo! paid directory. Directories are manually maintained classification systems that list Web sites according to each subject category that describes them. Mostly manually maintained directories attended by the human editors who examine every Web site manually and submitted them under relevant subject categories. E.g If your Web site contains Computer Accessories topics or related items; it should be listed under Computer or Computer Hardware Subject Category.