How to Create a Sitemap for a Large and Small Website

Learn ROR, XML, Google and Yahoo! Sitemap Creation Methods

Site maps are very important especially for larger web sites. Human visitors like them because they enable them to see the breadth of information available to them, and spiders love them for the same reason.

Not only do sitemaps make it easier for spiders to get access to your site’s pages, they also serve as very powerful clues to the search engines as to the thematic content of the site. The words you use as the anchor text for links from your site map can sometimes carry a lot of weight. Site maps often use the generic name for a product, whereas the product page itself uses the brand name – searchers for the generic name might be brought to your product page because the sitemap lined to it using that generic name. Work closely with your information architects to develop your sitemap, and you will reap large search dividends.

How to Create Search Engine Sitemaps: Google, Yahoo!, XML, ROR, HTML and Test Sitemaps

Our experts have written individual article for each sitemap generation/creation. These articles will comprises information to develop a sitemap from its basic to major developing stages. Please see the each method in detail by selecting the under given titles.

How to create Google Site Map

Creating a google sitemap will normally take 30 minutes to finish. We will go through in step by step process to develop a google site map. To learn how to create a Google sitemap, please read the article in detail.

How to create Yahoo! Sitemap

Yahoo! sitemap is little difficult than Google sitemap, but I’ll explain you every tiny step to develop the Yahoo! sitemap. To learn how to create a Yahoo! sitemap, please read the article in detail.

How to create ROR Sitemap

Creating a ROR sitemap is quite easy, normally we can use online ror generator to create ROR site map, how can we integrate the ROR sitemap with Google, please read the article in detail.

How to create XML Sitemap

XML sitemap creation is quite easy and I’ll explain you how to create one xml sitemap to navigate the whole website, check it out the full article on xml sitemap creation.

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